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At Lifetime Dental Care, we prioritise comprehensive examinations to ensure the best possible dental care for our patients.

An essential tool we utilise for a thorough examination is radiographs.

Radiographs provide valuable insights into your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, enabling us to diagnose and treat dental issues effectively.

The type of Radiograph recommended for you will depend on the specific information your dentist requires.

Bitewing Radiographs: These x-rays are specifically designed to capture detailed images of the posterior molar teeth and the areas where the teeth meet, which are not visible to the naked eye. By using bitewing radiographs, we can identify dental decay, evaluate the status of existing dental restorations, and assess the health of supporting bone between the teeth. We typically recommend taking bitewing radiographs at least every two years.

Periapical Radiographs: When we need to investigate an individual tooth from crown to root, including the surrounding bone, we rely on periapical radiographs. These radiographs aid us in identifying any signs of infection, diagnose root canal issues or locate the source of discomfort or pain in a specific tooth.

OPG Radiographs: Orthopantomogram (OPG) radiographs provide a comprehensive view of the entire jaw and its structures. This radiograph captures images of all teeth, supporting bone, jaw joints and the presence and position of wisdom teeth. OPG radiographs are typically taken less frequently, approximately every five years, and are required prior to wisdom tooth consultations or extractions. Read more about wisdom teeth here

Regular radiographs are essential for maintaining optimal dental health and detecting potential issues early on. They enable us to provide accurate diagnoses and develop personalised treatment plans that address your unique needs. 

Rest assured that we prioritise your safety and follow strict radiation safety protocols. We utilise advanced digital radiographic technology, which significantly reduces radiation exposure while delivering high-quality images. 

Our team is committed to providing you with a comfortable and efficient experience during radiograph procedures. We understand that some patients may have concerns or questions, and we are here to address them and ensure you feel at ease throughout the process.